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     As real consumers in kitchen appliances and technology, we give our opinions based on three core values: Practicality, Efficiency and Ease of use. We believe that consumer level opinion is the most important part of any product review because it best represents a real world view on a product.  In addition, we also offer a simple way to shop by offering purchase opportunities. If you click on links we provide, as an amazon associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This includes other links that we may receive affiliate commission on. This fact does not impact or affect any of our opinions of these products. Our opinions are based solely by it's users/authors. We love reviewing products and we hope you gain insightful information from them. 

Criteria of Reviews 

We value your trust in us and know there are many other sights out there. 

Our review process comes from our independency of actually researching and finding the most talked about products, thoroughly vetting them and exploring their usage. 

Are they practical?  Do they truly serve their purpose? Are they Efficient? Can they do the job their intended to do in reaching a higher status in consumer satisfaction? and Are they Easy to use?  Can you jump right in?  Or do you have to read a novel before ever plugging it in?  









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From the early days of double ovens, to today's newest trends in tabletop convection, Ashley's culinary background comes from her frontline experiences.  From preparation, to cooking and presentation, Ashley brings her decades of experience in meal prep, testing, cooking and presentation to a more than qualified level of expertise and opinion, especially in the area of new and emerging products that show great success in making easy to prepare delicious food.

In addition, Ashley also seeks out new fashions and trends in clothing geared toward women 55+. Ashley believes that just because you may be over 55 doesn't mean you have to dress that way, and why should you?  So look for her occasional review in shared clothing trends that look fresh, up to date and cool to the touch. 

Edward B

Edward Burnett

If the face looks familiar, you might have seen him on TV

or even heard his voice. Professionally known as

"Steve Summers" in the land of broadcasting, his technological savvy came from his father who was very technically inclined. As a result, through the years Ed has the person many come to for advice on everything from Camera systems, TV's, New Discoveries and hookups. 

His constant search for the newest technology trends focus mainly on ease of install, simplicity in operation and a

set-it-and-forget-it maintenance free experience. 

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